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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Roger Federer vs James Blake: Who will Win?

James Blake could never become a big threat for Roger Federer. Even the American could not come in the same line of Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic, who are known as possible threats for the kingdom of Roger Federer. However, the things seem to be different this time around. The two are lining up to face each other in the quarter final of Australian Open 2008 today.

Now, before going though the answer of the question given in the title, I would like to take some points into account. First of all, reaching the quarter final of the tournament, James Blake has marked his best ever Australian Open performance. The second one is that James Blake, the 12th seed, could not yet reach the semi final of any grand slam tournament so far. Another point comes here is that Roger Federer could not continue his imperious form in the last two matches against unseeded players, though could get over the hurdles successfully. The last point, I want to mention here is that Roger Federer is now in his mission to win the Australian Open title for the third time in a row, which would be his 13th grand slam title, just one behind from Pete Sampras’ record 14 grand slam titles in his career.

Considering the fact given above, you can realize easily that to what extent it is important for Federer to win the match. It does not mean, the match is not or less important for James Blake. What I want to state here is that, Federer has a goal ahead of him to reach, but he was underperformed in the last two matches, while James Blake has been in his prime form in the tournament.

So, if Federer and Blake keep continue their recent form, then it would be a match between an unimpressive Roger Federer and in form James Blake. Well, there are many who might believe that even Roger Federer with his unimpressive form would be enough to reel off victory over James Blake in his prime form.

However, I do not like to agree with the. To me, if Roger Federer gets back his imperious form then there is hardly anyone who could show enough resistance. His dominant form of last couple of years will support my idea. However, if Federer can not retain his natural form and Blake continues his impressive run, then it could bring out a decisive victory for James Blake. However, on top of all, I hope to experience an interesting match today.

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