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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal Carling Cup: Live Score and Live Updates

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Tottenham Hotspur (5) Arsenal (1)

93 Minutes: Tottenham has won the match by 5-1

90 Minutes: Defoe was so close to score the fifth goal

85 Minutes: Just 5 minutes left.

80 Minutes: Free kick for Arsenal

73 Minutes: Emmanuel Adebayor shown yellow card

70 Minutes: Emmanuel Adebayor pulls back one goal for Arsenal. So, Tottenham is now leading 4-1

69 Minutes: Nice attack from Arsenal but Emmanuel Adebayor was off side.

67 Minutes: Arsenal is playing some better now but it is useless.

64 Minutes: Double substitution for Tottenham Hotspur

62 Minutes: Free kick for Tottenham

60 Minutes: Tottenham has scored the 4th goal. If you are a Tottenham supporter then this is surely your best night.

59 Minutes: Corner for Arsenal

56 Minutes: Attack from Arsenal

52 Minutes: Arsenal is trying to score a goal but they lack a quality striker

49 Minutes: Bad luck for Arsenal. Bendtner shot hit the goal post and Arsenal lost best chance

48 Minutes: Robby Keane has scored the third goal for Tottenham. Tottenham is leading by 3-0

46 Minutes: Free kick for Arsenal

45 minuets: Tottenham again came too close for the third goal and with it first half has has finished. Come after few minutes for second half score

42 Minutes: Good attack from Arsenal but Bendter was offside

40 Minutes: Another dangerous free kick for Tottenham but this time nothing happened

36 Minutes: Tottenham had another attack and came close to scoring the third goal

33 Minutes: corner for Arsenal

30 Minutes: Tottenham almost scored the 3rd goal. Berbatov's shot come off the goalpost.

27 Minutes: Second goal for Tottenham from free kick. I think that it was an own goal by Arsenal striker Bendtner.

25 Minutes: Arsenal attacked but poor passing from Fabregas

22 Minutes: Another attack from Tottenham

19 Minutes: Fabregas has come in place of Denilson for Arsenal. First yellow card of the match shown to Steed of Tottenham.

17 Minutes: Lovely run from Walcott and Arsenal got a corner.

15 Minutes: Very good run from Robby Keane but could not finsih in the end. Tottenham was agonizingly close of the second goal.

14 Minutes: Great attack from Tottenham but Berbatov was offside.

11 Minutes: Another good attack from Arsenal. Bendtner shot was too high.

9 Minutes: Good arttack from Arsenal but Bendtner was offside.

6 Minutes: Cese Fabregas of Arsenal is running and warming up and most probably will come at a later stage of the game.

3 minuets: Tottenham scored first goal. Lovely shot from Jenas. Tottenham Hotspur is leading 1-0.

2 Minuets: Arsenal attacked but not a good one in the end

The Match will start in one minute. So, don't go anywhere.

The match will start within 2-3 minutes. So, don't go anywhere

The match between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal will start at 20:00 GMT. This is a Carling Cup Second Leg match. Come back at 20:00 GMT for live score and live updates.

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