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Monday, January 14, 2008

Australia vs India 3rd Test: Preview and Live Score

If you interested to get the online live score and updates of the Australia vs India third test then follow the link given below:

Australia vs India Third Test: Online Live Score and Updates


The third test of Australian vs India test series kicks off from 16 January at the W.A.C.A. Ground of Perth. Lots of controversies came in the way of Perth test. The situation seems to be calm down now with some mutual discussion between the two sides. Even ICC needed to interfere to keep the situation under control when India posed a threat to boycott the Perth test following bad umpiring and Harbhajan Singh’s three match ban by Match referee Mike proctor bringing a charge of racial abuse against the off spinner. Meanwhile, a series of bad umpiring decisions, especially in the Sydney test, had already made BCCI prepared to appeal against the two umpires Steve Bucknor and Mark Benson.

ICC then replaced both of them for the Perth test by New Zealand umpire Billy Bowden and Pakistani umpire Asad Rauf. Following this decision of ICC, India agreed to continue the series. Still, there is a possible threat for Bucknor of being left out from the elite panel of ICC umpires.

The Australian reported:

Indian fans had publicly burned effigies of the umpire and threatened his life.

Last seen shopping in Sydney, Bucknor has apparently gone home to Jamaica.

His employer, the ICC, refuse to say what has become of him or if he will ever umpire again.

Bucknor is the veteran of 120 Test matches and 167 One-Day Internationals.

He was to have stood in the Perth Test but was replaced by New Zealand umpire Billy Bowden, who caught up with the Indian players at the WACA yesterday.

Moreover, there were few more things to take into account. India also brought a charge of racial abuse against Australian bowler Brad Hogg. So, it was another blow came just after the end of Sydney test. However, the good news is that India captain Anil Kumble has dropped their charge against Hogg, which came in the aftermath of a meeting of two captains and Ranjan Madugalle.

Cricinfo reported:

Kumble explained that the game had to move on. "Ricky and I had a discussion with Ranjan [Madugalle] and after that it was important that the game of cricket moves on," he said. "Cricket is larger than any individual. It is important we forget what happened in Sydney, it was just one of those bad moments, just an incident probably in the heat of the moment. And we decided as a team to move on and remove the charges against Brad Hogg. It's important that we moved on."

It is a really a big news for the fans who are eager to see the series continues. The only thing that is yet to be solved is BCCI’s appeal against Harbhajan Singh’s three-test ban. However, he can take part in the Perth test, pending his appeal. Judge John Hansen from New Zealand will give the final verdict over the matter. Now, if the final verdict comes after the end of the series, then Harbhajan Singh will have no problem to take part in the last test of the series as well.

AFP reported:

New Zealand judge John Hansen has been appointed as commissioner for Harbhajan's appeal against the racism charge.

In the meantime, Harbhajan will continue to play pending the verdict of the appeal.

The paper said some in the team management had confirmed they wanted the row over before the third Test, which starts in Perth on Wednesday.

"It should be done away with before the match because the players should not go into such a crucial game thinking about what might happen on this front," the paper quoted the senior member saying.

"We have always maintained that he (Harbhajan) didn't use any foul word and will continue doing so."

Now, let us come to on-field matters. India is now 0-2 down in the series with tests left at hand. So, India has already found their back on the wall as they need to win both the tests to level the series. Even a die hard Indian fan can not be so optimistic that India will be able to win the last two tests leveling the series. Moreover, it has been clear that Indian batsmen are going to face some challenging tasks in the Perth test considering the wicket of Perth. So, it also indicates a low scoring match.

What is more important for Indian now is to decide if Virender Sehwag is given a chance in the Perth test. Yes, it is a big question. Sehwag played well against ACT invitational XI, which left the Indian management to take a hard decision over their opening pair. Added to that, Wasim Jaffer also played a good innings in the three day match, making the task difficult for Indian selectors.

Aside from these issues, there could be another question out regarding India’s bowling line up. Thinking of the condition of Perth, Indian may opt for three pacer strategy. Then, India needs to curtail their batting line up or opt out Harbhajan Singh. I think, Irfan Pathan could be an effective choice, though his bowling in the three day match was not that much satisfactory.

Australian side has not any big problem in their squad except Mathew Hayden’s injury woe. However, he is not yet out of the Perth test. The good news for Australia is that pacer Shaun Tait is ready to come back in action, which will definitely increase strength of Australian bowling side in Perth.

Australian vs India: Live on Different TV Channels

Those who are now eager to watch the match live on your television should know which channels are going to telecast the match. Here, I am giving the list of the television channel where you can watch match live on:

Sky Sports

Star Cricket

Fox Sports

Australian vs India Third Test: Online Live Score

I know that many of you are now eagerly waiting for the test. You must be keen to see if India can bounce back in the series. However, those who are not able to mange you time to watch the live action of the match or if you do not have access to the channel the match will be telecast, then you can visit the following websites to get the online live score and updates of the match:








Whatever the result is; cricket fans do not want to see any more controversy in the series. Ahead of the Perth test, everybody wants to see a good cricketing spirit among the cricketers. Now, let us see if India and Australia can present with an exciting match with no controversy.

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