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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Australia vs India Third Test: Online Live Score and Updates

India has won the match by 72 runs. India has decreased the deficit 1-2 in the series.

After 86.5 overs: Australia is 340 all out as Shaun Tait has been played on off RP Singh.  India has projected a superb 72-run victory, stopping Australia's impressive winning strak of 16 test matches.

After 86 overs:
Australia is 332/9 Australia needs 81 more runs to win the match and take their winning tally to 17.

After 85 overs:
Australia is 327/9 Johnson has been dropped by Dravid, though it was a tough one.

After 84 overs:
Australia is 326/9 Stuart Clark has gone back being caught behind off Pthan at his 32. Now, India needs just another wicket to stop Australia's winning streak.

After 83 overs:
Australia is 324/8 RP Singh conceded nine runs inthe over.

After 82 oevrs:
Australia is 315/8 Irfan Pathan has been brought on and he was impressive. I think, Pathan should be continued as he has the experience of bowling a lot in the slog overs against the tail enders in ODI.

After 81 overs:
Australia is 314/8  Johnson and Stuart Clark are going to a thrilling end. It seems that Australia could win the match even from this  stage. India must need to breakthrough now.

After 80 overs: Australia is 307/8 Johnson is in imperious form as he is batting on 40 off just 59 balls.

After 78 overs: Australia is 291/8

After 77 overs: Australia is 290/8 Michael Clarke has gone back to pavillion. So, Australia is almost out of the match.

Now, it is session break at WACA ground in Perth. We will come back soon afte the match starts again.

After 67 overs: Australia is 243/7 Australia needs 170 runs to win the match, while India needs three wickets.

After 66 overs: Australia is 236/7

After 63 overs:
Australia is 229/7 Michael Clarke is now the only worry for India.

After 62.2 overs:
Australia is 229/7 Brett Le has gone back before getting off the mark. Virender Sehwag is now hero.

After 62 overs:
Australia is 228/6 Brett Lee joined Michael Clarke

After 61 over:
Australia is 227/6 Gilchrist got out. Sehwag brought the breakthrough.

After 60 overs:
Australia is 226/5 Australian batsmen are still in the match. India needs another breakthrough now.

After 59 overs:
Australia is 223/5 Michael Clarke is batting on 56 and Adam Gilchrist on 14

After 57 overs:
Australia is 216/5 Michael Clarke is batting on 55 runs.

After 55 overs:
Australian is 201/5 Australia needs 212 runs to win the match

After 54 overs: Australia is 192/5

After 53 overs:
Australia is 191/5 Adam Gilchrist and Michael Clarke are now at the crease. This is the last specialist paor of Australlian wicekts.

After 52 overs:
Australia is 190/5

After 51 overs:
Australia is 188/5 RP Singh cpnceded two boundaries this over

After 50 overs:
Australia is 177/5 India picked up a crucial wicket in this over.

After 49.4 overs:
Australia is 177/5 Andrew Symongs got lbw off Kumble for 12

After 49 overs:
Australia is 170/4 Australia needs 243 runs more to win the match.

After 48 overs:
Australia is 167/4 Kumble and RP Singh are bowling now

After 47 overs:
Australia is 166/4 Clarke batting on 21 and Symonds on 6. Australia needs 246 runs more to win the match.

After 46 overs:
Australia is 161/4 Andrew Symonds came to the crease following the dismissal of Hussey.

After 45 overs:
Australia is 159/4 Australia lost another wicekt as Mike Hussey fell at 46 off RP Singh

After 44 overs:
Australia is 153/3 Australian batsmen are sstradily going towards the target. India badly needs a breakthroug now.

After 43 overs:
Australia is 151/3

Now, it is luch at WACA in Perth. Both teams have chance in the match. We will be back when play resumes.

After 40 overs: Australia is 142/3 Australia needs 271 runs to win the test match

After 39 overs: Australia is 140/3 Hussey is batting on 39 and Clarke on 9

After 38 overs: Australia is 138/3 Anil Kumble has come to bowl. Australia needs 275 runs more to win the match. India definately needs some quick wicekts at this stage.

After 37 overs: Australia is 131/3 RP Singh has come into action this over.

After 36 overs: Australia is 129/3 Hussey seems to be agressive now. Actually, Australians have been very much positive, despite the fact that they are chasing a big target.

After 35 overs: Australia is 123/3 Australia needs to build another partnership at this stage, while India needs couple of wicekts to stop Australia's winning streak at 16 tests.

After 34 overs: Australia is 122/3 Michael Clarke has joined Hussey. Ishant Sharma has been impressive so far.

After 33.1 overs: Australia is 117/3 Ponting has gone back to pavillion off Sharma at 45.

After 33 overs: Australia is 117/2 Australia needs 296 runs to win the match

After 31 overs: Australia is 111/2 Ponting is batting on 45 and Hussey is on 25

After 30 Overs: Australia is 108/2 Ponting and Hussey seem to be confident. Ishant Sharma and Irfan Pathan are in attack now.

The third of Australia vs India third test has been finished. India has thrown a huge target of 413 runs to Australia. Indian put on 294 runs losing all wickets in the second innings, thanks to the tail Enders for showing enough poise. Indian middle order looked fragile today, except VVS Laxman, who scored innings highest 79 runs before getting out as the last batsman. Irfan Pathan scored 46 and Rudra Pratap Singh came up with his career best 30 that guided India to take the lead over 400. Mahendra Singh Dhoni supported Laxman well playing an importing 38 run innings.

Stuart Clark was impressive with four wickets, while Brett Lee was up to the mark picking up three wickets of Indian innings. However, the situation could have been worst for Australia, if Andrew Symonds could not pick the wickets of Dhoni and Kumble in the same over.

For Australia, they seemed to be aggressive. They have collected 65 runs from 15 overs, though they have already lost the wicket of debutant Rogers and one-down batsman Jaques. Both the wickets were picked up by Pathan. Chasing a total of 413, I think, playing aggressive is a positive approach from Australia. The host still needs 348 runs to win the match. Though it is clear that India has an edge over Australia at this moment, I can not say that Australia is out of the match.

The Day 3 has come to end.

Australia 2nd Innings:

After 15 overs: Australia is 65/2 Ricky Ponting is batting on 24 and Mike Hussey is on 5. Australia needs 348 runs to win the match, while India targets to the eight wickets of Australia.

After 12 overs: Australia is 53/2 Australia is trying to score quickly. It is a positive approach as they are chasing a big score.

After 10 overs: Australia is 47 /2 Australia has lost another wicket as Jaques fell on 16 off Pathan.

After 8 overs: Australia is 38/1 Jaques batting on 14 and Ponting on 7. Australian batsmen are in aggressive mode.

After 3 overs: Australia is 12/0 Rogers hit two boundaries in the last two overs.

After 1 over: Australia is 1/0 Australia is chasing 213 runs to win this match. RP Singh bowled the first over for India.

India 2nd Innings:

After 80.4 overs: India 294 all out. Laxman fell as the last man at his 79. Lee got the wicket. So, India has given a huge target of 413 for Australia. The host side has to make a new record for this ground to win the match.

After 80 overs:
India is 290/9 RP Singh has gone back to the pavilion being caught behind off Stuart Clark at 30. He batted very well. This is the fourth wicket of Clark.

India has 408 runs lead in the match. The highest chasing total of this ground in the fourth innings is 339, that Australia successfully chased against India in 1977. So, Ponting has enough reasons to worry now.

After 75 overs: India is 270/8 Laxman batting on 69 and RP Singh on 20.

After 70 overs:
India is 254/8 Laxman and RP Singh are increasing the lead. India still has 372 run lead with two wickets at hand. Michael Clarke dropped Laxman this over. It could be a crucial wicket for Australia.

After 66 overs: India is 245/8 Lee came to bowl and started well with a maiden over.

After 65 overs:
India is 245/8 Laxman is not out 57, RP Singh is not on 7. India has taken the lead to 363. Andrew Symonds picked up two wickets that led Australia to come back in the match.

After 57 overs: India is 219/6 This was a five-ball over!!!

After 55 overs: India is 215/6 Laxman and Dhoni seem to have settle down already. The lead is now by 333 runs. Michael Clarke and Andrew Symonds are continuing. Ponting is trying his best to bring a breakthrough for Australia.

After 50 overs: India is 198/6 India is lead by 315 runs. I think, India is gradually increasing the lead.

After 45 overs: India is 182/6 Laxman and Dhoni are steadily increasing the lead. India has taken the lead to 300 runs. What could be the probable target for Australia?

After 43 overs: India is 169/6 Laxman is batting on 23 and Dhoni is batting on 4.

After 40 overs: India is 166/6 Laxman and Dhoni are trying to build a partnership to put on a challenging score for Australia. Stuark Clark is bowling very well maintaining line and length

After 35 overs: India is 160/6 Pathan fell just now to Stuart Clark at 46. Dhoni has come to the crease to join Laxman.

After 33 overs: India is 158/5 Pathan batting on 45 and Laxman on 18

Dear readers, you will get regular updates of the third test of Australia vs India test series in this post entry.

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