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Sunday, September 23, 2007

India vs Pakistan Twenty2o World Cup Final: India will Win Says Trophy Designer

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India vs Pakistan T20 Final: Live Score and Updates


At this moment, India vs Pakistan final match of Twenty20 world cup is the most talked subject in the cricket world. Millions of fans of cricket are now eagerly waiting to see another exciting battle between India and Pakistan. Now, the million follar question is that who will lift the trophy at the end: Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Shoaib Malik. If you want to get the answer then you have to wait till the match ends tomorrow. However, according to Amit Pabuwal, the designer of the Twenty20 world cup trophy, has said that India will win the trophy.

Well, naturally you are astonished that how Amit Pabuwal becomes so sure that Indian will win the Twenty20 world cup title. The logic behind his prediction is that India has not lost in any tournament so far, where Amit Pabuwal designed the trophy.

DNA India reported:
"All the trophies that I have manaufactured for different tournaments, in recent times, India has emerged winners in all those.
"India won the Future's Cup by beating South Africa, they won women's Asia Cup in Jaipur and did not lose in the Friendship Cup against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi which resulted in a tie with the trophy being shared by both countries.

Amit Pabuwal can have his own logic. It is true that India never all the trophies designed by this designer. If it continues then India will also win the Twenty20 world cup trophy. However, it does not mean that India will win all the trophies designed by Amit Pabuwal. Who knows that India will lose the trophy made by Amit Pabuwal for the first time in Twenty20 world cup. Actually, the main thing is that India has to continue their impressive performance in the final to win the Twenty20 world cup.

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