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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Verizon Dilemma: iPhone or Android Phones?

Just a few weeks ago, Verizon Wireless got the opportunity to sell iPhones after waiting for more than 3 and half years. We have seen today Verizon trying to promote HTC Thunderbolt as much as possible. HTC Thunderbolt is not the only Android run smartphone that the carrier is going to sell for the next few months.
Scott Webster at Cnet has mentioned some few more Android run smartphones that Verizon is going to promote and sell in the next few months. They are: Droid Incredible and some other smartphones from Motorola, Samsung Stealth and of course HTC Thunderbolt.
Motorola is going to release several smartphones through Verizon in the coming weeks. There is going to be one under the current code name Targa and there is some decent amount of interest about it.
On the other hand, you can always an update to the iPhone lineup from Apple in June 2011. Verizon will be busy to promote it too.
So, it seems that Verizon may find itself into a dilemma about promoting iPhone or Android phones. Of course, the decision is very easy- just sell more smartphones. 

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