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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cnet Test: Xoom is a bit faster than iPad 2 in Site loading Test

If you browse Internet a lot in your tablet device than site loading speed is a very big matter. It can help you save a lot of time. Think of a person like me who spends his entire day online. I browse many websites and webpages a day.
According to a test carried out by Eric Franklin of Cnet, Motorola Xoom is significantly faster than the original iPad when it comes to site loading. However, Apple has done a good job with its iPad 2 and the difference is not that significant.
The test was carried on just 3 websites: CNET.com, CBSNews.com, and GiantBomb.com. It took 5,6 and 5 seconds for Motorola Xoom to load these 3 sites respectively. For iPad 2, it was 6,10 and 5 seconds while for the original iPad (or the first version) the time was 12,16 and 6 seconds.
The conclusion from Cnet is that iPad 2 has almost caught on Xoom but the iPad 2 may ‘choke’ to some extent while loading heavy sites like CBS News. 

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