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Friday, March 18, 2011

Review of Nintendo 3DS: Four Star from PC World

PC World has posted its review of Nintendo 3DS and has given a 4 Star. That means the device is great with some limitations or not so great aspects. Perhaps the best thing to get excited is that you do not need to carry out a glass to get the 3D experience. This will attract many consumers and another good feature is duel cameras. Good integration with social networking is there too on plus side.
On the minus side, according to PC World review, there are 0.3MP cameras and I do not need to enlighten you that 0.3MP camera is perhaps some better than having no camera at all. ‘Five hours battery life playing 3DS games’ is another cause of concern if you an avid gamer. Then, how much can you expect for $250 considering the fact that these are early days for 3D devices.
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