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Friday, March 18, 2011

Motorola Xoom to be released by Sprint?

Yes, there is a possibility that Sprint will not only release a Motorola Xoom but it will be under Sprint brand even. That comes to some of us shock because until now, Xoom was exclusively sold by Verizon.
Before we get too much carried away with this matter, I should remind you that right now, it is some kind of a rumor. The picture of the product containing the name of Sprint was posted in a forum.
There is even another rumor about this Sprint Xoom- the device may carry WiMax from first. If it happens then it may attract a particular segment of customers. According to Cnet, Motorola may launch this product through T-Mobile or AT&T in future.
Motorola has failed to put up any kind of strong competition against iPad or iPad 2. So, the company should try to expand the availability of Xoom in as many carriers as possible. 

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