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Friday, March 18, 2011

People Still Queuing up at the Apple Stores for iPad 2

It has been a week Apple has released its second generation tablet: iPad 2- and Apple has already sold more than 500,000 units of ipad 2 so far. Still, many people are lining up in front of Apple stores looking for iPad 2.

Apple iPad 2 was launched last Friday and stores sold out pretty quickly with many people being disappointed for not being able to buy the device despite waiting for a long time on the queue. Apple is still struggling to meet the required number of demands and you can find the device on the shelves of very few stores. Apple is also receiving online orders, but then users would have to wait for a number of weeks to get the product.

No doubt, Apple has plenty of reasons to be over the moon as it is receiving huge feedback from the customers. Initial success of iPad 2 has even surpassed that of original iPad which revolutionized the tablet market last year. Apple sold around 15 million tablet PCs last year.

Researchers are predicting that Apple would sell around 5.5 million iPad 2s in the first quarter. Overall, it is expected that more than 30 million units of iPad 2 would be sold this year.

It is true that Apple did not face any significant competition last year, but this year, they are going to face a number of competitors like Motorola Xoom, RIM’s PlayBook, HTC Flyer, HP WebOS and some others.

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