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Friday, March 18, 2011

Chris Espinosa Looks Back on His 34 Years with Steve Jobs

If there is one person who turned around the fate of Apple, he is none other than Steve Jobs. Mr. Jobs has created history since becoming Apple CEO in 2000. So, his name comes to our mind when we think about Apple and it is pretty much clear that he has already become a legend.

Chris Espinosa may not come in any comparison with Steve Jobs, but this person has already spent 34 years at Apple and is now the longest-serving employee of the company. He has even served Apple for longer period than Mr. Jobs.

After falling out with company’s shareholders, Steve Jobs left Apple in 1985 and built a company named ‘NeXT’ which Apple acquired in 1997.

Chris Espinosa has been with Apple since January 1977 when he was in highs school. He is the no. 8 employee in the history of Apple. Initially, he was a part-time employee, and testing the Apple II BASIC operating system was his first task as Apple employee. Currently, Mr. Espinosa is involved with Apple's developer tool Xcode as the manager.

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