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Friday, March 18, 2011

Microsoft Bing gets Video User Boost in the US market

This news came at a surprise to me because while Google has YouTube where thousands of people from around the world upload video files, Microsoft’s Bing Video contain small amount of video files. So, how come Bing became the second most popular video website in USA!
The answer is simple. The popularity of Bing is growing as a search engine. Bing video aggregates video files from other websites and show them inside Bing. So, when I just searched for a video in Bing and then found it in YouTube and I clicked on the thumbnail, the video file was played inside Bing Video player. In fact, in my search result, out of 20 results some more than half of them were from YouTube and none from Bing or Microsoft.
We feel that there is no reason for Microsoft officials to be excited with this matter.
Comscore published the data for February 2011. Google Sites (mostly YouTube) was in the first position way ahead of Bing and Yahoo. 

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