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Friday, March 18, 2011

Acer Looking for 20% Share of Tablet Market in 2011

Acer is looking to achieve something big in the lucrative tablet PC market in 2011. The Taiwan-based computer maker is planning to come up with its first tablet PC in April and has plans to launch 3 Tablet PCs this year.

Recently, Acer Chairman J.T. Wang revealed that the company was aiming to sell 5 to 10 million tablet PCs this year, and thus, grabbing 20% of the market share. Behind the feasibility of this projection, as Mr. Wang believes, is the strong demand for tablet PCs.

Acer, one of the top 3 laptop makers in the world, has recently focused on UK market and taken some initiatives to broaden the distribution channel in this European country. For some reasons, Acer has picked up the UK market to exploit with its tablet PCs and smartphones.

Acer has seen extensive success with netbook and notebooks, but it has perhaps been a bit late for them to enter into the tablet PC market which is already crowded and dominated by Apple iPad. Taiwan-based companies like Acer and Asus are well-known for their low-pricing, but given the astute pricing of iPad 2 it seems Acer would face huge competition from Apple to exploit on even on pricing.

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