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Thursday, March 03, 2011

iPad Owners rushing for the Second Version

Last night, iPad 2 was announced by Apple and it has already created a lot of buzz to many consumers. According to a report of PC World, many consumers are trying to change their old iPad for the second version. Gazelle is a website that ‘Sell and Recycle Used Electronics’ and it is witnessing that many iPad users are now eager to sell their old ones and get the updated version.
As a result, the price of old iPad is now falling. Now, a consumer can expect to get just $300 for their ‘16GB iPad in top condition’ tablet from Apple. Before the announcement of the second version, Gazelle was paying $375 for the same product.
It shows that Steve Jobs does not need to worry much about the prospect of the second version in the market. Kristina Kennedy, Gazelle's director of brand and communications, said to PC World, "Last summer, we only did about 1,200 iPhones the day of the [iPhone 4] announcement. We had more than 2,000 iPads in just over an hour Wednesday. This was our biggest trade-in for a single product ever."

So, this indicates that Apple is going to continue to dominate the tablet PC market in 2011 just like last year. 

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