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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cloud Computing: A Dream that is already Taking Place

There is no doubt that Cloud Computing some serious risks and that is why, this technology is yet to become get mainstream recognition despite the fact that big companies like Google, IBM and even Microsoft is pushing for its success. People are obviously concerned about security, reliability and privacy and it is almost impossible at this point of time to assure them 100% in these 3 issues.
David Price has written in PC world this report: Is Cloud Computing Still a Dream?
After reading the report, I felt that Mr. Price is not exactly very excited with this technology. He did not see that kind of strong enthusiasm among companies at CeBIT 2011. So, cloud computing may seem like a distant dream to many of us. Surely, I am not one of them.
I think that the issue of cost will drive cloud computing at least in the rich and developed countries where Internet bandwidth is not a problem.
25 years ago, when Internet was still at its fancy, hardly anyone could think that Internet would be so big and so vast. I think that the same thing will happen to cloud computing in 20 years from now.
As for the time being, there are some important development taking place at Cloud Computing on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

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