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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HP to go big with webOS in 2011

HP shareholders might feel relaxed after CEO Leo Apotheker categorically stated that there was no truth in the rumor that the US based company was selling its PC business to Korean company Samsung or any other company. Instead, Leo said that in 2011, HP will ship its webOS in 100 million computers (desktop and Notebook) and tablets.
webOS is yet to become tested in a good way in the market. So, it is like taking a big gamble for HP. If the decision backfires then it may bring loss to the company. On the other hand, this news should become a cause of concern for Microsoft, the maker of Windows OS.
Of course, HP is not shipping desktops and notebooks with webOS only. The PCs will have most probably Windows OS too. So, the users will not need to be worried but at the same time would be able to get a taste of webOS. 

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