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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Twitter 5th Anniversary celebration: One billion Tweets per week

On March 14, 2011, on the eve of 5th anniversary of microblogging website, Twitter, Jack Dorsey, co-founder of the site, shared various facts about the website. He said that his company now handles one-billion tweets per week.

To reach this stage, it took Tweeter three years, two months, and one day. In a Tweet message, Dorsey said, "I've been digging through all my drawings, emails, & notes from around that time. I'll share them over the next 2 weeks right here on #twttr,"

According to Dorsey, the original idea for Twitter goes back to 2001. At that time, he “drew the idea on a notepad and dubbed it stat.us.” This eventually became Twitter. He further said, "The name Twitter came from @Noah Glass & the Oxford English: 'a short inconsequential burst of information, chirps from birds,'"

They started implementing Twitter from March 13, 2006 and the first Twitter message appeared eight days later from Dorsey which says, “inviting coworkers.”

Many believe that Twitter was first unveiled at SXSW 2007 but another co-founder, Evan Williams said, that it was actually launched nine months ago. To spread words, the Twitter team then set up flat panel TVs in the hallways and spent $11k which, till date, is the only major marketing expense the company incurred.

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