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Saturday, March 12, 2011

10,000 Apps Windows Phone 7 Marketplace: Some Good news at Last

We have to say that Microsoft achieved it rapidly. When Apple and Google started their App stores, it took longer for them to reach the 10,000 landmark. Windows Phone 7 has not become a big hit in terms of selling.
That may get changed because of the deal between Microsoft and Nokia that took place a few weeks ago. After all, Nokia has a plan to ensure that nearly 200 million of its smartphones will run on Windows Phone 7 OS. However, that will happen in the next two years not in two months.
So, for the moment, Microsoft bosses will have to be happy with their 10,000 apps. It shows that WP7 has some potential to do well. We think that Bill Gates and his senior colleagues should have spent some time to find some partners among the handset makers before releasing WP7 a few months ago. 

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