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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Firefox 4 got 7 million times downloaded in first 24 Hours

Just the other day, we talked about Internet Explorer 9 becoming popular but now, we can see that Firefox 4 has done much better than IE 9 in the first 24 hours. Can you believe that it got 7 million times downloaded? You better believe that because the version 3 of this browser from Mozilla got 8 million times got downloaded in the first 24 hours.
Google Chrome is gaining popularity these days but it seems that Firefox is still very popular around the world. In Europe, it is now the most popular browser. Chrome is gaining ground more at the expense of IE rather than Firefox. Some people think that Firefox 4 is better than IE 9.
I have not updated my Firefox to version 4 yet. I should do it now. What about you? 

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