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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Google Chrome Beta 11: Talk to Your Browser

It was the day of Firefox 4 but Google bosses had something else in their mind. They selected the same day to announce a grand plan for Chrome- the Chrome Beta 11. This beta version has one big change- speech to text or speech recognition. You can talk to your browser and it will interpret your speech as text.

Techland wrote:
If you're running the latest version of Google's Chrome web browser, you can now talk to the internet. It won't listen, and it won't do what you say, but it will recognize what words you've spoken. Which is a good start.The beta of Chrome 11 includes support for a speech input technology, part of the HTML5 standard. That means that if someone makes a suitable webpage, you can issue commands and instructions to it just by speaking.

I like Opera because it has nice text to speech feature. In Opera browser, you can listen the English text of a webpage. By giving the speech to text option, Google has caused a major breakthrough for Internet users. 

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