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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In search of fastest 4G Wireless Speed in America

Now a days, consumers really care about wireless speed and 4G is the new exciting technology. So, 4G wireless speed is something that may matter to many people living in USA. PC World has published a test result in this matter. Speed tests were carried on laptops and smartphones in 13 selected cities.
For the detailed result visit this page: 4G Wireless Speed Tests: Which Is Really the Fastest?
The good news is that all the major carriers are now serious about 4G and within a year, you can expect to get top notch speed.
According to the PC World test, Verizon did the best when it came to laptop modems. On the other hand, as for smartphones, it was T-mobile that emerged as the winner.
I have already stated that the tests were carried out on just 13 cities and a limited number of laptop modems and smartphone handsets were used. So, it is perhaps not a good idea to jump to any kind of serious conclusion based on the test. However, it shows the need of a large scale test involving many more cities and many more devices. 

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