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Friday, March 25, 2011

Apple revenue will surpass IBM and HP in the next two years

Forrester CEO, George Colony, predicted that Apple will have great sales in the next two years eventually surpassing IBM and HP in terms of revenue. He said that the company will earn $200 billion in revenues and “post sales growth” will exceed 50 percent in the next two years fueled by higher demand of the iPad tablet PC.

He also warned that Jobs’ departure will affect the company’s future because after every two years, they would have to come up with new products. Steve Jobs is the final decision maker in Apple. Whatever comes out of the company, he gives the final decision. Such practice is not seen anywhere in the technology industry. Bloomberg reports:

Hewlett-Packard had sales of $126 billion in the year that ended in October and IBM’s revenue was $99.9 billion last year, making them the largest technology companies, respectively, by sales. Apple ranks No. 1 by market capitalization.

In a survey conducted on analysts by Bloomberg it has been revealed that Apple sales would increase by 54 percent to $100.3 billion in the current fiscal year ending in September. Growth would slow down to 18 percent the following year.

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