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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Toshiba Tablet Accessories in the Third World Countries

The title might lead you to thinking that I am perhaps going to talk about different accessories of Toshiba tablet. Well, the reason I am writing this article is a bitter experience that I encountered today at the biggest computer market in my country.

Let me be first to let you know the background of the story (Ops! it is real, not a story). I bought a Toshiba Satellite A505 laptop in January (or may be February) last year and have been using this excellent 16-inch device without facing any technical problem. Then couple of months back, the wire of the adapter was severely damaged by Jimmy (a pet dog of my cousin), and I could not yet buy an original adapter of the laptop.

Well, I have already spent around $100 to buy two China-made adapters; one of which has already been out of order just after one month. Today, I went to the IDB Bhaban, the largest computer market in my country, and it was shocking that I still did not find an original Toshiba adapter yet. So, I had to buy another China-made adapter and I do not know how long would the new one last. I even asked the laptop distributors if they can arrange the original one for me and I was even ready to pay an amount in advance, but they refused.

This experience once again made me realize that I am living in a third world county. This is the age of tablet PC, but in the countries like mine we do not even get laptop accessories easily in the local market.

So, the companies like Toshiba, who are well-aware of Apple’s dominance in the tablet PC market and are in a hurry to introduce their tablets, should pay some attention to the third world countries where conventional PC markets are yet to be unearthed fully, and there are all the possibilities they can get something significant out of these markets.


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