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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Arsene Wenger on £75m Spending Spree of Chelsea

Chelsea has spent a staggering £75 million on their deadline day swoop for Fernando Torres and David Luiz. Like many, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has also been taken aback by Chelsea’s such spending spree amounting to their seemingly disrespect to financial fair play devised by UEFA. The West London club earlier agreed on UEFA’s financial fair play and supported Michel Platini’s attempt to diminish the gap between rich and poor.

Regarding Chelsea’s surprising double deal, Wenger said, “It shows you two things; That for a while, Abramovich was a bit in no man's land where nobody could really guess whether he wanted to still invest or not.

Certainly that has changed. He has decided to put big money in again, and that tells you that certainly in the summer more will come. He is back to full investment.

Chelsea supported the financial fair play, but in the morning they announce a £70 million loss and in the afternoon buy £75 million worth of players. Where's the logic in that? It's hard to guess.

Officially they vote for the financial fair play, so they can explain much better than I why they do it.”

In their 2-1 home victory over Everton, Wenger featured an Arsenal squad that cost him £10 less than what Chelsea invested in signing Fernando Torres from Liverpool. Many believe that Tuesday night’s result was Wenger’s swipe at Chelsea’s big spending spree which Gunners boss believe would continue in the coming transfer windows.

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