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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Failure is not bad in Weight Loss: Giving Up Is

Despite all my efforts for the last 16 months, I hate to admit that I have failed in my pursuit of weight loss. Well, sixteen months ago, when I started my weight was 110 kilogram and then very quickly lost 10 kg in just two months but after that it has been decreasing and increasing all the way. This is frustrating but today, I am going to tell reason of becoming optimistic despite the fact that I have lost the battle in weight loss.
While it is true that I have lost the battle but there has been some dramatic and positive changes in me.
First of all, I have been able to totally give up on my addiction to two things: coffee and coke. Secondly, I have also been able to decrease the amount of meet consumption and I have to significantly cut back on eating outside food. In other words, there has been significant improvement in my eating habit. I was fond of all kind of junk food items, spicy, oily, what not. Now, I have been able to change that habit and now I try to eat as much as home food as possible.
This chancing eating habit has improved my health to a considerable extent. I forgot I totally lost night sleep and used to stay awake whole night and it became a part of my normal life. This matter has changed me completely and for many days, I could not stay awake whole night even if I wanted.
Now, I am very hopeful in the next one year I am going to decrease my weight and this time, I will get a success in the weight loss story. That is why, I feel that the failure has improved me a lot. Because this failure is not really a failure it is just the first phase of improvement.
Many people try to go for rapid weight loss and then they just get back the lost weight in a very short time. I am not going to gymnasium, I am not even going for any kind of extreme diet but this time, I am going to try weight loss with permanent change in eating habit. That is why, I feel very hopeful because I do not crave for outside food, fast food, Chinese food or even frying food like potato chips. I do not have that strong craving for sweets or mutton. That is why, I want to tell all of you that never give up the hope.
Never despair and always be positive. If you do not try with a happier then you cannot achieve anything. This is a reality that you must not ignore. If you ignore then you will only suffer. 

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  1. I definitely agree with you. If you give up, then you fail. If you didn't achieve the body that you want because of other reasons besides giving up, then you didn't fail. Just try and try.