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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Arsene Wenger Comes out in Support of Cesc Fabregas

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has come out to back his captain Cesc Fabregas on the issue of his reported row with referee Lee Mason at the half time of Gunners’ 2-1 Tuesday night victory over Everton in a Premier League fixture at the Emirates stadium.

After the match, Everton manager David Moyes accused Fabregas of abusing the match officials with vulgar language inside the tunnel for allowing a controversial goal and claimed the Spaniard deserved a red card for his conduct. On the other hand, Fabregas revealed his suspect if the referee was paid by Everton for allowing the goal which was a clear offside.

Now, Moyes and Fabregas have created a frenzied situation in the media with their aggressive comments. However, Wenger has come into the scene with his support for Fabregas on this regard and defended his captain by saying that many things can be said ‘in the heat of the moment’. Rather, he has reprimand his Everton counterpart for revealing what happened in the heat of the moment. The Frenchman believes that managers should not come up with these things in public.

Finally, Arsenal boss added that his captain was being targeted by opponents and this chapter was now closed to him as referees did not find any guilt in Fabregas’ behavior. Here, it is noteworthy that match referee did not include anything regarding Fabregas and his reported bad conduct in his match report. So, the Football Association is not taking any action against Fabregas on this issue.

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