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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Should Arsenal sign Thierry Henry on Loan?

Arsenal Chairman Peter Hill-Wood has categorically denied any chance of signing Thierry Henry on a loan deal. There were some rumors about it in the last few days. Some fans would surely like to see the player back and I personally think that if Henry is affordable then why not? After all, the young players can learn a lot from him.
There is no doubt that Arsenal has no shortage of talent but the team clearly lacks some experience. Henry has many years of experience behind him and that is why I think that Arsenal should sign him on loan deal.
On the other hand, I do not know about the money that Henry or his current MLS club is seeking from any potential club in Europe for the loan deal.
I think that in the end, when Henry retires from football within 2-3 years, he will perhaps look back and think that he should not have left Arsenal and joined Barcelona. If he stayed at Arsenal until now, he would have made and broken many records for the club. I wonder what he has got by joining Barcelona. 

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