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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Determination and Continuous Effort key to ensure Weight Loss

Even just 18 months ago, I was a person who used to drink too much coffee and soft drinks like Coca Cola. I used to joke that the secret of my energy is consuming these two things too much. Then, just 18 months ago, I discovered that it was not a very good joke but it almost destroyed my health. Then, fourteen months ago, I totally gave up these two things. Things started to become at first very bad and I lost energy for almost one year.
At first, it was some easier for me to give up coffee because there was a much milder alternative in tea. On the other hand, it was very difficult and almost impossible to stop drinking Coke or Pepsi. Fortunately, just few months ago, I became successful and I realized that I can leave and do some work without drinking either coffee or coke.
Now, I am fully free from both of them and at last my normal strength is coming back. In fact, this problem started nearly six years ago when I started working very hard to earn some money.
I have learnt now that it needs continuous effort if you want to change your life style. To be honest with you, I could not imagine that I would really be able to give up coke totally because I was too much addicted.
In the last few days, my health suffered a lot of stress because I could not sleep because of taking care of my wife. However, I didn’t drink any coke for getting energy. Yes, I consumed some coffee but it was nothing compared to the past. From today, I am free from the stress and again I have stopped drinking coffee and I am going for tea. I have learnt that if you are really determined then you can change habit in your life style. The result may not come soon but in the long run, you will achieve this success.
Today, I was a bit frustrated because I have again gained some weight and I am again on the border of obesity. So, I have to try to decrease some weight but I am not unhappy or I have not lost hope because I know that just like drinking tea or coffee, I need to work on my other habits like eating habit and only then sooner or later I will get success I want. 

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