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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arsene Wenger is Right: UEFA Says

Many Arsenal supporters are unhappy with the fact that their club has failed to win anything in the last five years. While, I give them total right to be upset and feel disappointed. I always have thought that it is the right strategy in the long term. Now, UEFA has said the same thing and stated that all the clubs in Europe should follow the strategy of Arsenal about not spending too much money.
In England a bad trend is emerging which was started by Chelsea 8-9 years ago. Manchester City is spending a lot of money and following the model of Chelsea. Liverpool is also a bad financial condition. Even Manchester United is not in a healthy economic condition. Only Arsenal in England is financially sound and well off.
A lot of credit goes to Arsene Wenger who is perhaps revolutionizing the football industry in not only in England but in Europe. Many clubs in Europe follow unrealistic impractical style of spending money. What they do is that they spend millions of dollars to buy new players and give them very high level of salary but then they fall into financial stress despite winning trophies. On the other hand, under Arsene Wenger’s leadership, Arsenal has always focused on improving their financial condition.
Arsene Wenger has already emerged as the most successful coach in history of Arsenal football club. However, I think that his name in future will be stated mention more for making the club a profitable one. 

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