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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wayne Rooney: Manchester United Cannot be Invincible Like Arsenal

In this season, until now, Manchester United has played 16 matches in English Premier League and has not lost even one match. This has raised a lot of expectation among many supporters that club can go undefeated and match the success of Arsenal in 2003-04 season. However, Wayne Rooney thinks that it will not happen but there is a strong possibility that Manchester United will win the Championship this time.
Arsenal in that season won 26 matches and drew 12. Until now, Manchester United has played only 16 matches so far this season and they have to play another 22 matches. So, it will not be that easy and in this season, we have already seen that just all the top clubs are losing points.
For example, right now in the league table, just eight points separate the top seven clubs. And then just 6 points separate another 11 clubs. So, it is going to be an unpredictable season.
I agree with Wayne Rooney about this matter but I don’t think that Manchester United will be able to become champion that easily. It is really too early to say who will win the league table in EPL. Perhaps something will change in the January transfer window and top clubs will try to get some better players. 

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