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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Barcelona Camp should offer good money or Shut up about Cesc Fabregas

This is very funny and annoying for anyone at Arsenal. The entire summer 2010, it was almost everyone at Barcelona club who just talked and talked about how they value Cesc Fabregas. How he is a part of their DNA and how they want him back. However, when it comes to money, they are not ready to talk so much and change the topic.
If Barcelona has enough money to buy a player like Cesc Fabregas then they should not speak much and instead put a good offer that Arsenal will accept happily and Cesc Fabregas can go to his home club. There is nothing wrong in it. Clubs are all the time buying and selling players.
However, when it comes to money, we can see another face at Barcelona camp. They say that they are not insane to spend so much money for Fabregas. If Fabregas is really a world class player then why they should not spend money. They don’t mind spending for Messi or other players in their squad. It is just when it comes to Fabregas then they forget how modern football works. Then they talk about DNA all the time but not about money. They are not even in good shape financially.
Barcelona players and officials have been acting like stupid persons with very low IQ. They need to change it and grow up.

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