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Sunday, August 01, 2010

The strong passion is most important for Blogging

I am not sure if I have already written about this topic in this blog or not but I just felt today again that having strong passion is important for blogging success. I have been just recovering from a long illness. Today, I feel much better although I went to another part of the city in somewhat bad traffic. I had to walk some too. My two assistants are now working on a new project and last few days, I had to look after them that they can smoothly start the project. Fortunately, they are managing it fine.
I feel much fresh and happy because I have again rediscovered my passion for writing. Earlier today, I watched the movie Disney's The Kid. I thought about my childhood and I figured out that writing is the thing I was meant for. I used to spend many afternoons in a library at the age of 6-7. I was fond of reading newspapers in the street walls, in newspaper stalls, I was fond of radio and television. I still remember that when I was at the age of 15, I used to spend nights and days trying to discover radio stations of different countries. This fun game helped me a lot to learn English in a non-boring way. Radio Australia, Radio Netherlands, BBC, Voice of America, Radio Moscow- many many stations.
When I internet came, I felt so excited. I am still in deep love with Internet and I spent all my hours in it. So, I have all the right ingredients to become successful in Internet. I just need to rediscover my passion. I have to rediscover the urge in me to move forward against all the odds.  

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