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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weight loss efforts: Do not get Disappointed

For the last two days, when I woke up, I decided that I would do water fasting. However, I failed in both o the days and instead even ate more than normal.
From this failure, I have learnt a valuable lesson. Weight loss is a daily battle. I failed but it is no problem because tomorrow is another day. Today, my weight is 102 Kilomgram and one year ago, this time, my weight was same 102 KG. However, at that time, I was addicted to coffee, coke and outside junk food items.
I even managed to reach 110 KG and then I went back to 98 KG and then reached to 105 KG and now, I am around 102 KG. This is the history of my body weight for last one year.
One year ago, it was impossible to imagine a day in which, I will not drink any coffee or sugar, meat and outside food. Today, I have totally omitted coffee for 9 months, Coca Cola for 1 month, outside food for one month. This time, I have omitted all of them seriously and I am hopeful for the future. This is a huge improvement in my eating habit.
I am hopeful that within one year, I will reach to 90 KG.  

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