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Thursday, July 29, 2010

All out efforts for a Blog

Now, we are working hard for this blog (Techtainment). It was our main blog 3 years ago but a number of stupid decisions from me caused that we lost track. However, we are back in even bigger number and we are totally committed to this blog for a month.
After 40 days, on 10 September 2010, we are going to evaluate our strategy and take a final decision.
We have another good blog: http://www.southasiablog.com/ and on 10 September, we have to sit and decide whether to try for Techtainment or South Asia Blog. Anyway, we have now 42 days left and we are going to seriously try for it.
The best decision that I have taken in my life is that we will try just for one blog. Until now, we always spread ourselves thin and never tried for a single a blog. This time, we are going to do just that.
It is a tough decision but at long last, I personally feel that focusing on a single blog is the best thing to do. It is much easier to try for a single blog. 

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