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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tumblr Website is not Opening

Tumblr is a popular website that allows you to blog and do some other things at free of cost. It has gained a lot of popularity in the recent months. Today, a bad thing has happened and site is down for some reason. So, many people are getting mad and they want to know when things will become normal. Of course, when a website or online service become very popular then suffering this kind of problem is not uncommon.
In the past, we have seen this kind of problem happening to Blogspot and WordPress. Even Twitter users sometimes faced problem when too many people tried to use the service. 
Tumblr is a very good place if you want to upload your photos. I personally is a big fan of Blogspot or Blogger of Google and I feel that it is way better than any other service. Of course, people in this world have different kind of ideas and surely some good number of people have become fan of Tumblr. That is why, many people are worried and they are searching about it according to Google Hot Trends.
Well, some people think that Tumblr has a good potential to become a rival of Twitter.
Update: After 8 minutes, I could open the website. 

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