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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tomato Diet: Just be Careful about It

Today, I am doing sort of water fasting. I just ate some cucumber and tomato salad. These days, I am searching and reading a lot about diet and weight loss in Internet. I am searching about banana diet, cucumber diet, tomato diet etc. Well, I realized that doing any kind of extreme is bad.
For example look at the following two reports:
Of course, the two reports did not state that if you eat tomato diet you will like this model. The model was tall and skinny and she really did not need to do any diet or lose weight.
In fact, this Brazilian model named Ana Carolina Reston needed to gain some weight and eat normally. However, she became obsessed too much and in the end died.
Well, the main problem is that fashion industry demands the models to be as skinny as possible. However, for people suffering from overweight and obesity, it is a different ball game altogether.
My objection towards, tomato diet is for another reason. I know that you will lose 2-3 KG of weight within a week or even in just 4-5 days by following a strict tomato diet. However, when you finish the diet and then come back to normal eating then you will gain weight very quickly.
So, be careful about tomato diet. 

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