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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rafael Nadal gives cooking tips of Pasta Y Gambas on US TV

The currently ranked No. 1 tennis player, Rafael Nadal, is known as a Spanish professional tennis player but how many of you know him as cooker.

His hidden skill of cooking has been revealed through a new ad that is running on US TV where he is being seen sharing his cooking tips.

Promoting the upcoming US Tennis Open tournament that will kick off from 30th August 2010; the twenty-four-year-old player joins Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Williams’ sisters- Venus Williams and Serena Williams, in a series of commercials.

Rafael Nadal shares his recipe, Pasta Y Gambas, in his 31-second segment. It is a Spanish food made with pasta and shrimp. With this video segment, he promotes Spanish food like olive oil and paprika.

Wimbledon Champion Rafael Nadal says: 'I love Pasta Y Gambas. Heat up some olive oil - Spanish olive oil.

'After that you add some pepper, some paprika - Spanish paprika - and you add some gambas there in the pan too.

'And later you put everything on the pasta.

'Easy, very easy to make.

'Making a great tennis player? That's a little bit more difficult, yeah.'

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  1. PASTA y GAMBAS..... will be the house.