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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brittany Ashton Holmes: Great Beginning but Then Lost

Brittany Ashton Holmes began her journey in Hollywood with the movie The Little Rascals and it was a hit. Her acting was amazing and it earned the praise of many people. The movie was released on 1994 and at that time Brittany Ashton Holmes was just 5 years old. Then, she did some other movies but did not get the same success.
In fact, the last movie she did was in 1996 and she did not have a major part in it. She is now 21 years old but hardly anyone knows what she is doing these days.
I remembered her seeing her name in Google Trends USA. People are also searching: “travis tedford, bug hall, little rascals, the little rascals” for these keywords along with her name.
I have absolutely no idea about the reason people are searching for Brittany Ashton Holmes now. Do you know why? 

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