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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Livestrong and Lance Armstrong Give Cancer Patients Mental Strength

Livestrong is all about Lance Armstrong who is a hero in real sense. He won  Tour de France race for 7 times continuously and this is a record that has not been broken yet. Testicular cancer also could not defeat him and the best part is that he has been supporting cancer victims as much as he can.
One good way of supporting the cancer victims is Livestrong wristbands. It is yellow and it is worn by many celebrities in USA to support and give mental courage to the cancer patients.
Fighting against cancer is a very difficult thing and it is very painful and nerve wrecking. Lance Armstrong had first hand experience of this ordeal. So, when cancer patients get a Livestrong band they know that behind this band there is the story of fighting with cancer.
Now, it is the time of Tour de France and that is why many people are hearing a lot about this band.
Lance Armstrong is exceptional athlete. When we hear so much about scandals of celebrities then Lance is a real exception. Perhaps, Lindsay Lohan can learn some to help people from him. Of course, it is difficult to hope that she will learn anything.  

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