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Sunday, July 25, 2010

End of Blogging will not Happen Anytime Soon

Many people thought that Twitter and Facebook would finish blogging. Well, it has not happened. Yes, many people are now addicted to things like Twitter and Facebook but that has not decreased readers of blogs. Bloggers are still earning money and some bloggers are earning perhaps insane amount of money.
The main reason is that blogs provide useful information and these days, there are many blogs on every subject that you can imagine. For example, later tonight, Manchester United is playing against Kansas City Wizards. My fellow blogger, Biplob Deb has written an entry about it. You cannot find a lot of media coverage about this match in many news websites because it is mainly a preseason and friendly match.
However, thanks to the entry of Biplob, it is easy to know at least when the match will start or which website will give live score. Yes, I admit that this information could have been given in Twitter or Facebook and some people are giving it. However, there are many people who want something more than a Twitter and blogging is for them the best thing.
Actually, blogging has another advantage. It is gradually becoming a smaller but important rival of mainstream media. Now, in Google news, many blogs are included.

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