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Friday, July 30, 2010

Coming back to Work after a long Break is not Easy

In theory, I did not miss that much as blogging can be done from any place in any situation. When my wife was in clinic, I took the laptop and when she was sleeping, I could write some entries. I became very sick but writing an entry or two was not impossible and more than writing, I tried to look after the network.
However, in reality, for at least 13 months, I could not work full time and only now, I am healthy enough to work. Fortunately, now, in my room, I have an air conditioner and I am not suffering from heat at all. It is now 3 days that I am not drinking tea even.
At last, I feel some kind of strength in my health and now the main problem is that I need to get back mental energy. I loved blogging- writing one after another. In 2006, in the early days of blogging, once, I wrote 12 entries and I felt so good that day. Now, I can easily do that again but I lost my physical and mental energy.
Really, making a strong come back after illness is not that easy. However, I am going to try to do just that and today, I am going to write 10 entries and this is just the first one. I have another 9 to go and I am going to write 7 more of them in this blog and another 2 in South Asia Blog. 

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