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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Should Cesc Fàbregas remain captain in Arsenal?

The future of Cesc Fàbregas looks uncertain everyday. Everyday there is new news about his future. And it did not clear what will happen at the start of the next season. He is the captain of Arsenal football team and there are some doubts about some fans whether he should remain as the captain against this kind of intense media speculation.

Right now, there is no doubt that Cesc Fàbregas is the top player of the club and he gets the highest amount of salary. So, it was a very wise decision of Arsene Wenger to make him captain last season. He also returned the club and the coach the best way about trusting such a young person like him for the role of captaincy. Now, with his saying becoming uncertain, perhaps it is time for Arsene Wenger to select a new captain.

There is also an opposite view. Some fans think that if Wenger now comes up with an announcement of appointing a new captain then it may upset Fàbregas then he would not be willing to stay at London for any reason.

Right now, most football fans in the world including England are very busy with World Cup. Perhaps Wenger should address this matter after the end of the world cup football.

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