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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Work, Weight Loss Efforts and Hope

It was always the main challenge: how to find a balance between career and weight loss efforts. It is a dilemma that millions of people face each day around the world. Just think of the simple matter: when you have to go out, the options for eating healthy foods are very limited. However, there are fast food shops everywhere and you can easily eat a burgher and a glass of Coke. I could not become successful in weight loss efforts mainly for this problem.
One of the best blessings of blogging is that I stay home most of the time. However, my problem is that I work in a field that is full of challenges and competition. In any topic, you are fighting against hundreds of websites and blogs. So, I had to work all the time and eat just junk food items. I got addicted to Coke, coffee, chips, mutton, fast food etc. All are bad for health- I know it very well but when I am working very hard-pushing myself to do the impossible things then junk foods become a source of relief from the pressure and stress.
Fortunately, my main blog, South Asia Blog is now jumping in leaps and bounds and I do not need to worry. Even for this blog (Techtainment), I have at last realized that what strategy should I follow? So, I do not need to push myself on a daily basis. Rather, I can relax a lot and make a plan and just work according to the plan. This is the best blessing from God in my life.
So, from tomorrow, I hope to start a third or fourth round of weight loss efforts. This time, I can focus on my health and diet more. So, I am hopeful. 

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