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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Namitha refused an offer to perform at the IIFA 2010

The well-known Tamil actress, Namitha, will not perform at the 11th IIFA Awards ceremony that will take place in Sri Lanka, Colombo. Sri Lankan government offered her to attend in this star studded event but she refused the offer.

In a statement, she has confirmed her refusal. She said that she had refused the invitation that was given from IIFA to attend the function in Colombo. She has refused the invitation to avoid the existing problem.

She is also thankful to the Tamil people for her glorious career in the film industry. She does not want to hurt the sentiment of Tamil people by taking part of this event because they are the reason for her living today.

May be, she has taken the decision of avoiding the gala event thinking about her career as South Indian film industry has decided not to take any star in their film who will attend in this function.

South Indian film industry has boycotted the event and they also ask Bollywood not to attend at the IIFA 2010. IIFA 2010 will start from June 3, 2010.

Besides acting in Tamil movie, Namitha, has also made her appearance in Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam and English films. Though she is a common face in Tamil film, she made his acting debut in the Telugu film Sontham.

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