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Monday, June 28, 2010

A Day without Spice in Food

Today, I ate mainly apple, mango, banana, loaf, cheese and some lentil chop. There was some spice and oil in lentil chop but the other things were totally free of spice. As a result, it has brought some good feeling in my body. It shows that eating too much spice is bad. Unfortunately, I am born in a country where spice means life. Even I cannot think of life without spice. Today, I did one good thing. I did not try to check my weight all the time. I just checked it one time and it was 104 KG when I woke up.
Now, I really believe that weight loss effort is a difficult thing but the focus should not be on losing weight. Instead, the focus should be on changing eating habit and life style. My main enemy is now sleeping habit. I really wish that I could to go sleep within 12 or 1 AM and wake up by 9 AM. For almost one year, I have no physical activity. This is something I have to change as soon as possible. Today, I could not go out to walk because I felt no energy. Tomorrow, I guess I cannot walk either. However, I plan to start walking from Friday.
Fortunately, I have the best wife who is very supportive. Her support surely brings a lot of happiness and eagerness in my heart to try. This time, I am going to really try my best.
Now, I realize that weight loss is perhaps more of a mental process. It needs all the use of your will power and self discipline.
I just discovered that I need a hobby and the best hobby for me is reading and writing. However, I used to walk a lot and now, I need to do it. I used walk everyday when I was young and I always enjoyed walking. It is time, I again do it a lot. 

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