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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Worst part of Weight Loss Effort is to become Obsessed with Decreasing Weight

I feel no shame to announce that I have failed in decreasing weight in the last 6 months. For the record, 6 months ago, on 18 December 2010, I reached to 98 KG and then after trying for nearly 9 weeks. That time, I lost 12 KG in 9 weeks. Unfortunately, in 6 months, I have just increased 7 KG.
Today, I have taken a very important decision that I will change my life style and totally try for my health. It is operation health only. I have learnt one valuable thing from my mistake of last time. I was too much obsessed with losing weight. As long as I was losing weight, it was great but then came two problems. Losing weight became very difficult because it was a very cold winter. I had mental stress. I did not leave my works. So, I started to eat more food and lost my way. I also did not try for any exercise either. These two mistakes cost me very dearly.
Now, my focus is not losing weight but to make permanent change on eating habit and doing exercise. There is nothing else to do but to just focus on improving my health. I have reached to a condition that has two ways only: a. continue the current unhealthy and dangerous way and get sick in the worst way and either fall in bed for life or die and early death or b. try to change my eating habit, stressful life style and physical inactivity and live a long and healthy life.
So, if you are trying to lose weight then do not become obsess about each kilogram or pound. Instead, try to make permanent change or improvement for about eating and doing exercise.
Now, the big question comes is how to change my eating habit. I am very bad when it comes to eating vegetable or even fruit. I can hardly eat anything that is raw or boiled. Tomorrow, I will try to eat raw and boil only food items.
What are the things I can eat? Apple, Mango, Grapes, Tomato, Onion and Chili salad with some salt, Jambul  with chili and salt, Jambura, Nuts, banana, Brown Rice, Green Tea instead of Black tea with milk, Dal is ok because it is minimum spice or oil.
Now, it is 6 AM and a new day has already started. The bad part is that I will have trouble with sleeping and then be forced to drink tea. This time, I must change and just change. Green Tea is good for change.  

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