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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Change in Tongue and Taste is Very good Improvement in Weight Loss Efforts

Today, in lunch, I ate rooti (bread) from brown flour. I ate also some shrimp and onion curry which contained some spice. Then, two mangoes were consumed. Anyway, I did not mind the spice because I was excited with the brown flour roti. What happened is that this time, I did not feel bad taste about it. I remember that only 8 months ago, this brown flour seemed distasteful to my tongue and I could eat it. Today, I felt natural and comfortable about it. This is a huge improvement for me. Even in the last few days, I have been taking brown rice and it is now totally ok for me.
Another improvement in me is that now I can eat one KG of mango in a day happily. These are indeed huge changes in me and I hope that I can from now continue eating brown flour or brown rice every day. Also, I can take fruit everyday. Then next part is to get habituated to fruits and salad. Then vegetables and leafy vegetables which seem to be some tough for me. In the last part is soup. Then at the most extreme is boiled food which I still cannot imagine that I will be able to eat regularly.
Of course, I really cannot imagine to take boiled meat or fish someday. It is impossible for me. However, I wish to get used to boiled vegetables and leafy vegetables without any spice or even oil if I can. The experience of brown flour, brown rice and mango has made me hopeful about other fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables and boiled vegetables without spice and oil.
It is still unbelievable for me. Even until last night, I was not hopeful and I became some sad but this morning has brought a positive change in my body and mind. Today, I just measured my weight twice I am 104 KG.
Now, the best thing is that I am not that much concerned about weight loss but I am trying for a permanent change in my eating habit. So, the next challenge is eating salad daily. Problem is that I just like one kind of salad- cucumber, tomato, onion and chili or cucumber, onion, chili and lemon. Except them I do not like any other kind of salad. I hope that I can find some other good salad recipes and eat them.
So, at this moment, my main concern is to find some salads that are without spice but tasty enough for me.
Today, I bought a good chair for myself. So, I find more comfort when typing in front of my PC. This is a good thing for myself. Thus, now, I am taking all the right decisions that are helpful for my health. 

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