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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It is Going to be a Long War Against Overweight and Obesity

I am hanging on 102 KG for the last few days. I am busy with some works and I am traveling to another country after a few days. So, it is not the good time to be on diet or decrease some weight. I am planning to start walking and follow a diet after a few days. However, I have not given up hope because I now know that it is a long struggle.
Even if I can lose weight significantly and go back to 85 or 90 KG, still I will need to keep on fighting.
For the last 5 years, I dependent on coffee and Coke for my strength. Now, I am getting my energy naturally and I have started to feel younger. I am learning not to put my health in danger for any work. In fact, my main problem is that often, I do several works at the same time. So, things get out of control and sometimes I have to work whole day and whole night. I have to leave even drinking tea and then I can control my sleeping time better.
If you read it then you will get a lot of information about Obesity in USA. it is very tragic that fast food companies sell their foods in school cafeteria there. 

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