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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another Sleepless Night I just Passed

It seems to me that right now, sleeping has become a bigger problem than losing weight. I’m not losing weight but at the same time I’m not gaining any extra either. However, I’m finding it almost impossible to fight against the sleeping problem as night after night I’m not having any sleep. Then, I am sleeping at day time and it is destroying my routine and all my works.
What will happen after five hours is that I will be forced to get up from bed and at that time I will be half sleepy. As a result, it should be impossible for me to concentrate on the works that I have to do today. So, I will be forced to drink two or three cups of tea and at night I will again start to feel very fresh and will not have any sleep. I really wish that I could change this matter and go back to normal sleeping.
Well, tonight I want to be awake for British Election and I will enjoy live results in TV channels. 

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