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Monday, April 26, 2010

When you are Happy You need Less Food

Today, I am very happy to be back to blogging and writing and I don’t feel the urge of food that much. This is surprising but the reality is that my mind is totally consumed with writing and I have forgotten about food. Right now, I feel some hungry but I have no desire to eat. Instead, I want to think and think and write. I guess that it was Sherlock Holmes who stopped eating when he needed to solve a difficult case. He had to think a lot that time and he felt that eating food would destroy his mental capacity.
Now, I have some similar feeling like this. I don’t want to eat and I want to decrease my eating because I need to lose weight and be in good shape. I have started to feel much better and I think that I am getting my writing ability back. I am also getting back my physical energy. Most of all, I have got back the ability to think rapidly and type very fast. This is really cool and amazing. I am happy and this happiness is now helping me a lot in my life.
It is not that I am going to get back everything in a single day. I know that it will take time but I think that if you want to lose weight then you must have happiness and most of all optimistic outlook towards life. 

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